Excellence Initiative for sustainable, human-led AI in Construction

Founded in 2020 by Bianca Weber-Lewerenz.

In cooperation with the Construction Industry, National and International Institutions,

in the domain of Research, Development and Applied Sciences.

Interdisciplinary, inclusive partners and networks.

Strengthen Corporate Digital Responsibility.

Encourage STEMs, Diversity and Women Leadership in Digital Era.


  • Member of the German Association of Engineers VDI and of the VDI Women in Engineering

  • Member of the Association of the Top Business Women of Baden-Württemberg, Germany

  • Member of the Association Women in AI&Robotics  

  • Member of the Association Women in AI Ethics™ (WAIE)

  • Member of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VdU)

Projects, Conference Presentations and Key Notes


  • Book Publication (German): Wertakzente im Bauwesen 4.0 - Ethische Beobachtungen im Umgang mit der Digitalisierung und KI Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH.

  • Book Publication (English): Value Accents in Construction 4.0 - Ethical observations in dealing with digitization and AI. Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH. 

  • 32nd Reser Conference Paris 2022. Thinking otherwise: Integrating Existing Buildings in Smart Cities - Best Practice. Looking back to move forward: The Past, Present, and Future of Service Science. 08-10 December 2022, Paris, France.

  • SACAIR 2022 Southern African Conference for AI. Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) - Catalyst in Construction for Innovative Technologies in the Digital Era. AI for Social Justice. 05-09 December 2022, STIAS Stellenbosch, S.A. 

  • World Conference on Climate Change & Sustainability 2022. The sovereign way: How Smart Buildings and Smart Cities become key to sustainability in the digital age. Conference Presentation. 01-03 September 2022, Frankfurt, Germany. 

  • S-LCA Aachen 2022 Thinking otherwise: Sustainability Performance by Integrating Existing Buildings in Smart Cities - Best Practice. International Conference of Social Life Cycle Assessment S-LCA 2022. 05-08 September 2022, RWTH Aachen University.

  • Ethics in Data - Webinar 2022 by Future Place. TBD. Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) - Ethics in AI in Construction.



  • buildingSMART Theme Day online “BIM and AI” on 28th of September 2021 Impulse and DiscussionAI in the context of Ethics, societal values and principles.

  • External Scientific Support of TF4 / T20 - Summit  4-6th of October 2021. T20 Spring Roundtables and Think Tank Community to produce policy recommendations in view of the Italian G20-Summit in October 2021. Task Force 4 Digital Transformation.     

  • 31st RESER Conference »The disruptive Role of Data, AI and Ecosystems in Services Next Gen«  on 14-15th of  October 2021 in Heilbronn, Germany. Ethical Aspects of AI in Construction & Gender Innovation by Digital Transformation in Construction.

  • ICACE 2021 International Conference on Artificial Consciousness and Ethics. 18-19th of October 2021 in Rome, Italy  Corporate Digital Responsibility In Construction Engineering – Construction 4.0 Ethical Guidelines For Digitization And Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • 25th buildingSMART Forum 27th of October 2021 in Berlin, GermanyPremium-Live-Stream, Telefonica Digital Lounge, Unter den Linden. Impulse II / Key Note / Discussion. Mehr Erfolg durch mehr Diversität in der Bauwirtschaft.

  • International Conference on Applied Science & Engineering on 18t-19th of November 2021Ethical Aspects of AI in Construction in Digital Era.                                                   



Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) in Construction Engineering – Ethical Principles for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Dissertation Research Project, started in 2019.

Primary Studies using Qualitative Methods.

Research in cooperation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marzia Traverso, Head of Chair of the Institute of Sustainability in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering at RWTH Aachen University.


National and International Peer-Reviewed Publications.

Publications/Scientific Community


This concept led to defining the new term “iEthics": It summarizes the ethical key principles of CDR in Construction Engineering towards meaningful and intelligent application of AI methods. 

“The suggestion for a new Knowledge Society, Ethics and the return of values ​​to craftsmanship and education of heart.”

"There is a strong need to create awareness for human-led AI."

"Values ​​and Ethics are integral part of today`s Engineering academic training for Engineer`s skills shaping digital transformation."

"We are in the middle of a renaissance of value orientation."

"The dynamics go hand in hand with corporate responsibility and embedding ethical value management in a society that is increasingly fundamentally changing from digitization and artificial intelligence technologies."

"Artificial Intelligence has greater potential than the steam engine. Ethical framework lays the sustainable foundation."

“The suggestion for a new Knowledge Society, Ethics and the return of values ​​to craftsmanship and education of heart.”