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After successful international carreer, I set up my business as a freelancer in Civil Engineering in China in 2008. 

Bianca Weber-Lewerenz Engineering nourishes successful medium to large scale projects with a sustainable Project-Life-Cycle Management. Not limited but including Project & Quality Management, Contract and Claim Management with multidiscipline Teamwork with designated experts. Risk Management, Ethics & Compliance are essential tools to manage both Turn-Around, Set up of Joint Ventures and Business Development in global environment.

Premium Real Estate and Business Localization Projects we can manage only by long year world-class Partners and Network without language or local know-how barriers. Her clients rewarded with top references.

Speaking German, English, French and basic Chinese, having lived and worked in Asia and South Africa, my international and professional expertise is an added value to your Business Plans & Development.

My goal? Saving your time and money. Increasing the value of your Project. Creating reliable and measurable solutions that enable you to meet your financial objectives. Shaping a sustainable Digital Transformation.

Bianca Weber-Lewerenz is researching CDR in Construction Industry and ethical principles in Digitization and AI.


In 2020, she founded the Excellence Initiative for sustainable, human-led AI in Construction.

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